▪ Confidentiality

Ochel consulting is working confidentially and represents both the companies’ and the applicants’ interests equally. Sensible information is treated with absolute discretion.

The staff of Ochel Consulting is subject to the obligation of secrecy according to the Federal Data Protection Act. They are obliged to confirm this in contract before starting to work for Ochel Consulting.

Furthermore Ochel Consulting ensures that personal and/or internal information still will be treated confidentially after completing a project.

▪ Loyalty

Ochel Consulting is your loyal partner, professional advisor and personnel consultant.

▪ Professionality

Ochel Consulting is treating every single mandate professionally. We’re sympathetic to the companies’ aims and their overall situation. The importance of knowing exactly how to meet the conditions of a vacant position is one of our main features as well.

All these aspects do belong to our requirements of profound and efficient consulting.
Ochel Consulting is only taking those orders for consulting or mediation into account, which the right amount of necessary information has been submitted for.

This is inevitable to ensure success in consulting and/or recruitment. A job profile, which is created hand in hand with our client, is the basis for the searching process.

▪ Objectivity

Ochel Consulting does focus on an honest and objective presentation of the candidates’ profiles. Furthermore the impartial evaluation as well as the disclosure of possible constraints towards the candidates for a specific position belongs to our values.

▪ Equal opportunities

In case of recruitments Ochel Consulting does consider equal opportunities. As a professional and qualified personnel consultant we carry out an objective evaluation on every candidate.

▪ Communication

Ochel Consulting provides contemporary and confidential communication on every state of affairs for employers in companies as well as applicants throughout the entire process of staffing.

▪ Presentation

Ochel Consulting principally represents those candidates that have been classified as technically and personally suitable. Therefore an interview and personal evaluation is accomplished with every candidate.
Further process – from presentation to finally signing an employment contract – we accompany individually in the given framework.