You’re looking for a new challenge, more opportunities for advancement, all in all: an occupation that is suitable und that you feel comfortable in? For achieving that Ochel Consulting is your trustful and competent partner and advisor.

Who are we looking for?

We look for qualified professionals, managers or job starters. Our core competences are professions in the mercantile, industrial or technical sector.

What are our services?

While looking for the appropriate, suitable staff we create precise job profiles hand in hand with our clients. After that we use different ways to find the most suitable candidates for the given position.
The applicants are being interviewed and they receive information about the position or company. This, of course, is done anonymously. The applicants’ profiles which are technically and personally most suitable are presented to our clients.

If both sides are interested mutually, a first interview will be arranged in the given company. The applicant will be accompanied by a one of our consultants. Until this moment we follow our rules of anonymity.
After a candidate has been staffed successfully we maintain contact throughout the candidate’s further career. Due to our broad knowledge of the personnel market, our contact to many different companies and personnel consultants in Germany, our clients also benefit by the cooperation with us, even if there is no job available in a specific period of time.

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Further services

  • Sie in eine neue Tätigkeit vermitteln (ausschließlich in Festanstellung)Finding a new profession for our client (regular jobs only)
  • Consulting and coaching regarding reorientation, career management and opportunities for advancement
  • Prepare job interviews
  • Design application documents
  • Inform about latest situation on the labor market
  • Create job profiles
  • Execute analysis on candidates’ merits and demerits

Believe in us as we believe in you. Contact us now by call or e-mail. As a matter of course, we’ll treat your application anonymously.

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